No One — and we mean NO ONE — Wants a Cell Tower in Front of Their Home

The Disastrous Arizona sWTF bill, AZ HB.2365 from 2017 has been poorly analyzed by many Cities in Arizona, including Chandler. Right in the plain language of AZ HB.2365 is the following language. The City of Chandler has the duty and obligation to regulate the operations of sWTFs (the maximum allowed Signal Strength/Effective Radiated Power) to deliver a state of actual public safety (and the quiet enjoyment of streets).

HB.2365 §9-592

E. An authority shall establish and make available rates, fees and terms for all of the following, within six months after the effective date of this section or three months after receiving the first request by a wireless provider, whichever is later:

  1. The construction, installation, mounting, maintenance, modification, operation or replacement of a utility pole or monopole by a wireless provider in a right‑of‑way.
  2. The collocation of a small wireless facility by a wireless provider in a right‑of‑way.
  3. The collocation of a wireless facility on or within a monopole by a wireless provider in a right‑of‑way.

K. An authority may require an application under this section for the installation of new, replacement or modified utility poles associated with the collocation of small wireless facilities. An authority shall approve an application unless the authority finds that the utility pole fails to comply with any of the following:

  1. Applicable codes.
  2. Local code provisions or regulations that concern any of the following:
    • (a) public safety.
    • (b) objective design standards and reasonable stealth and concealment requirements.
    • (c) undergrounding requirements that prohibit the installation of new or the modification of existing utility poles or monopoles in a right‑of‑way without prior approval, if such requirements include a waiver, zoning or another process that addresses requests to install such new utility poles or monopoles or modify such existing utility poles or monopoles and do not prohibit the replacement of utility poles or monopoles.
  3. Requirements that are imposed by a contract between an authority and a private property owner and that concern design standards applicable to utility poles in the right‑of‑way.
  4. The authority’s public safety and reasonable spacing requirements that concern the location of new utility poles in a right‑of‑way.

The result has been the disasters that Arizona cities and towns and are unnecessarily enduring today:

Problems With So-Called “small” Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFs)

sWTFs are falsely branded. They are 25 million times more powerful than Macro Cell Towers, once you consider the metric that matters — the intensities of the toxic pollutant (RF/MW radiation) that reaches second- and third-story bedrooms:

What Really Matters: Excessive Effective Radiated Power (ERP)
That Results in RF Microwave Radiation Intensities in 2nd-Story+ Bedrooms

Cell Tower Vertical Distance Off Ground Horizontal Distance Away Power in bedroom
small cell 35 feet 60 feet 50,000 avg. radiation units
Macro cell 200 feet 2,500 feet 0.002 avg. radiation units

Conclusion: 50,000 µW/m² from a so-called “small” cell is 25 million times more powerful than 0.002 µW/m² (-85 dBm) from a Macro cell —
Note: -85 dBm is a signal strength which provides 5 Bars of telecommunications service on a cell phone (source: link to The Truth About 4G/5G in Sacramento )

Sacramento, CA: 60 feet from home → children immediately sickened (© Windheim EMF Solutions) | San Francisco, CA: 10 feet from home → brain tumor diagnosed in three months | Santa Rosa, CA: 20 feet from home → home sold at 23% discount ($150,000+ loss in property value)